Project Dreamer is a response to the first Weekly UX challenge, which aimed at creating a digital solution for easily documenting dreams. The theme of the challenge was particularly close to me, as I often write down dreams I find interesting or inspiring.

Dreams are a unique source of ideas and information about ourselves, as well as some sort of window through which we can peek at our subconscious selves. It has been estimated, however, we forget about 95% of our dreams in the 5 minutes following our waking up.

Trying to understand what makes us forget the information that flashes through our minds during sleep, I decided to explore the topic more in-depth. By browsing articles and researching similar projects, I aimed at creating a tool that would help to keep a record.Dreamer is an application that allows users to document and share dreams, and since we’re working with sleep, the option of also using it as an alarm clock came organically.

Studies have shown that writing down your dreams right after you wake up makes you more likely to remember them. In addition, setting an alarm, and making the conscious choice to record the dream might increase the chance of remembering it. 

With that in mind, I wanted to create a solution that would simplify the process. Instead of browsing the phone, in a series of steps that might trigger forgetting the dream, users can take notes of what they dreamed about straight after waking up – turning off the morning alarm takes the users directly to the application, where they can log a new dream.

Thinking of those early moments after waking up – someone still sleepy attempting to describe their dream, I decided to add the voice recording feature. I think it is an ideal solution, especially for people who do not like to write. Users can lie in bed, with their eyes closed, easily recording their dreams.