Hi! I’m Agata.

I’m a freelancer, working mostly with WordPress, managing content on websites and taking first steps into illustration.


I have been working as a copywriter since 2012. I have experience in creating promo articles, technical content, blog posts, product descriptions and much more.

Content Management

Since 2018 I’ve been working mostly using WordPress, helping to create modern and user-friendly website. I am taking care of content managing, creating subpages, templates and image processing.

Design & Illustration

For more than a year I have been learning and developing my skills in design and illustration. You can see my personal project in my Portfolio.

How it all begin?

A couple of years ago I spent spring in the mountain side of Poland. I was working in the Jagodna mountain shelter as part of the Clever Owl Project. I taught team-building using Outdoor Education methodology. I was able to observe how contact with nature affects students; how having common goals and working together motivates people to take action.

I was stunned

I could see individuals emerging to form an efficient group – everyone of them had their own unique character, skills and role in the team. I noticed how a single decision can significantly affect the group, bringing it closer or further from the goal.

I realized that each of us is part of such a team, regardless of what we do and where we work. We have the potential to influence social changes. By using our abilities, experience, ambitions, and ingenuity we can become a valuable element of the group.

Being a part of the project also allowed me to appreciate the nature of teamwork and pay attention to my own characteristics and skills in this context.

I’m a curious and creative person who wants to see work as an adventure to be able to tell stories and create unique experiences. I’m regularly working on personal projects to develop new skills. I work as a freelancer, but I am open to other forms of cooperation.

I know we can create and achieve much more while working together.