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About – Agata Grzegorzek

Hi! I’m Agata.

A couple of years ago I spent spring in the mountain side of Poland. I was living and working in the Jagodna mountain shelter. As part of the Clever Owl Project (Bystra Sowa), I taught team-building using Outdoor Education methodology.

I was able to observe how contact with nature affects students; how having common goals and working together motivates people to take action; how having time for reflection aids in understanding experiences.

I could see individuals emerging to form an efficient groupevery one of them had their own unique character, skills and role in the team. I noticed how a single decision can significantly affect the group, bringing it closer or further from the goal.

I realized that each of us is part of such a team, regardless of what we do and where we work. We have the potential to influence social changes. By using our abilities, experience, ambitions, and ingenuity we can become a valuable element of the group.

And what about me? 

Being a part of the project also allowed me to appreciate the nature of teamwork and pay attention to my own characteristics and skills in this context.

I have many interests, ranging from illustration and animation to outdoor education and astronomy. I have, however, always loved to observe the surrounding world and draw inspiration from it to create and tell stories.  

I started my career while studying, taking my first steps at the Limango company in Wrocław. Since then, I have mostly worked remotely as a copywriter and content manager. Currently, I am developing my skills in the field of illustration and design.

Do you want to talk or maybe invite me to join your team? 

Just text me!

What do I do?



I have been working as a copywriter for 6 years. I have extensive experience in creating promo articles, technical content, blog posts, product descriptions and much more. Take a look at my Portfolio!

Content Manager

For over a year I have been working as a content manager, helping create websites using WordPress. Among other responsibilities, I’m in charge of creating subpages, templates and managing ready content according to the visual guidance of projects. I am also responsible for basic photo processing.

UX Writer

I like to focus on making sure the content I create is intuitive and user-friendly, which is why I’m constantly developing my knowledge in the field of UX. I believe this will allow me not only to understand the user’s needs but also to understand the users. I create content for landing pages and microcopy.